What’s the sad moment called when you face errors with no obvious reason and even your “Googling” skills can’t help you solve the problem?

I have typed and ran the same project with minor fixes but after the 5th or 6th time I’m starting to hate the teacher, the IDE (VS), the programming language (C# plus a little bit of SQL).

The topic isn’t about errors and minor programming challenges. It’s about trivial things that mess with your mind. They just beat the syrup out of your nerves. The good news is nothing, absolutely nothing is forever.

You are going to attend a party that you hate it’s attendants once. And it would finally end. Every tyrant ends someday. Every hard exam (including Konkoor) will be taken someday and probably passed or not passed. Even if the problematic situation has consequences I promise the time will blur them.

Most of the concerns you have today, will seem trivial and meaningless someday in the future.

What you did in a day is way more important than moments or a few hours. How you passed a month is more important than how you passed a couple days. What you did in a year is more important than a month. And finally what you have done, accomplished and decided in you lifespan is the most important thing. The SUM matters more than the operands. And I assume that SUM differs from RESULT. The SUM I am talking about is the sum of everything that happened. In this equation there’s no BIG CHANGER, just all the little things are adding up.

Postscript: In English I can’t recognize a solid line between Formal writing and Informal writing. I know there is some differences but it’s not as clear as Farsi. It’s cool. And I hardly resisted the temptation to use F-words or other vulgar terms.